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Selasa, 02 Agustus 2011

HK Launches feedback website for policy and budget

The Hong Kong government today launched a website that aims to invite the public to give its views on the 2011-2012 Policy address and the 2012-2013 budget.According to an official statement, the public consultation exercise for the 2011-2012 Policy Address and the government expenditure of the following year’s budget have been combined in order to strengthen the coordination between policy formulation and budgetary planning.

Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of the Government of Hong Kong, said that the public consultation will focus on key areas that have become a growing concern for the people.
“The people of Hong Kong have clearly voiced concern over the soaring property prices, which were not anticipated in 2007, the widening wealth gap, the provision of elderly services and the need for more comprehensive retirement protection,” he said.

With public consultation in place, the government expects that it will facilitate a more comprehensive and informed discussion with the community.

“I urge you to tell me what you want me to put in my Policy Address and the subsequent Budget. This is going to be a positive interactive process. My team and I remain wholly committed to serving you, the community of Hong Kong,” Tsang said.


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