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Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

Counter Terror Arabia 2011 to showcase latest techniques and technologies of emergency response

Counter Terror Arabia 2011 will showcase the latest techniques and technologies for dealing with terrorists and criminals.
Clarion Events Middle East announced that leading international defence and security experts on counter-terror and criminality will speak at Counter Terror Arabia 2011 on a wide range of current and future issues. The conference will review existing best practice and explore the latest techniques and technologies, alongside strategic planning, the integration of different agencies and authorities and the practical aspects of emergency response for both governments and companies.

Held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) from October 31 to November 2, 2011, and co-located with Fire and Rescue Middle East, Counter Terror Arabia will be the most influential and informative event for everyone concerned with in regional, national and private security in the Gulf and Indian Ocean area.

Christopher Hudson, Managing Director, Clarion Events Middle East, said: "Some of the world's leading authorities will give their opinions and advice at Counter Terror Arabia 2011.
International and regional defence and security experts will provide a comprehensive analysis on how to tackle the variety of complex challenges posed by domestic and international criminals and terrorists, both now and in the future. We are fortunate in having a distinguished group of speakers and panelists, including His Excellency Dr. Abdul Latif Bin Rashid Al Zayani, Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and Rear Admiral Christopher Parry CBE, former Director General Development, Concepts and Doctrine, UK Ministry of Defence and an internationally recognized authority on transnational terrorism and crime. Alongside our other speakers, we anticipate a great deal of useful interaction and thought leadership, enhancing the region's growing reputation for innovative thinking and best practice."

As terror and criminal activities transcend national borders, day one of the conference will have John Bruni, Vice President of Royal United Services Institute, highlight the current threats and future risks associated with these activities. Furthermore, Muhammad Rafiuddin Shah, Acting Chief Officer of United Nations Counter Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF) will focus on how a global counter terror strategy can be reached to minimize attacks by those who seek to cause harm and major disruption.

Cyber crime is an established and growing threat to the integrity of civilian, commercial and security structures in the Gulf and Middle East region and forms a key part of the conference programme. Illyas Kooliyankal, Chief Information Security Officer of Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, will speak on cyber vulnerabilities faced by governments and multi-national companies, and Majid Madhloum, Head of Security Quality, UAE Computer Emergency Response Team (aeCERT), will discuss solutions that can protect systems and information from unauthorized access, as well as outline the work of aeCERT in helping government and other important organisations to prepare for and respond to cyber attacks.

A recent report by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates that air travelers will increase to 400 million every year by 2020, thereby making airports increasingly attractive targets for criminals and terrorists.

The GCC is set to invest US$ 90 billion on airport development by 2022, with almost a third allocated for security upgrades and, as such, the programme will tackle innovation in aviation security. Ahmad Al Haddabi, Senior Vice President, Airport Operations, at Abu Dhabi Airports Company and Dale R .Davis, Executive Director, National Security Initiatives, Global Strategies Group, Global Integrated Security (Middle East), will discuss programs for continuous improvement of all aspects of aviation security.

Rear Admiral Christopher Parry, CBE, former Director General of Development Concepts and Doctrine of the British Ministry of Defence, and Clarion's Defence and Security Conferences Advisor, said: "A persistent, pressing concern for governments and companies is the threat of piracy and other criminal activity at sea. The International Maritime Bureau reported that piracy hit an all-time high in the first six months of 2011, rising from 196 attacks a year worldwide to 266. The Gulf and Indian Ocean are critical to the smooth operation of the world's trading system and to energy security. Governments and companies will want to access and implement the latest technologies and techniques in their attempts to reduce risks and overhead costs at sea."

Captain Duncan McKelvie F.N.I., Area Marine Representative of NYK Line, will highlight the threats to maritime activity and the links between piracy, trafficking and terror. In addition, R S Vasan, Head of Strategy and Security Studies at the Center for Asia Studies will speak on the challenges facing the littoral states to the west of the Arabian Sea and how they can protect vessels and crew from piracy and criminality.

Day 3 will focus on integrated Emergency Response. Speakers will discuss how multi-agency responses to both man-made and natural events need to be anticipated, planned and executed. T.B. McClelland Jr., President and CEO of Center House Ltd., will present an analysis of the challenges of managing catastrophic incidents. Other speakers include Dr. Ajith George, Coordinator, Major Incident Medical Response of Health Authority Abu Dhabi; Stephen Ramage, Director, Global Outreach, of Open Geospatial Consortium; and Ali Asad, Emergency Response Coordinator for Kuwait Oil Company.

Other notable participants include: Lieutenant Colonel Tamir Maayta, Director of the Special Branch Training Center of Jordan's Public Security Directorate; Andrew Trotter, Chief Constable of British Transport Police; Robert Grenier, Chairman of the Advisory Board for ERG Partners and Former Director CIA Counter-Terrorist Centre, USA; Kent Clizbe, CIA Counter Terrorism Expert; Ben Emmerson QC, Special Reporter on Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights for the United Nations; Mark Moles, Detective Chief Inspector SO15 Counter Terrorism Command, Counter Terrorism and Extremism Liaison Officer (CTELO) for UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Maldives; Anthony Tompson, LLB, Specialist Consultant; Guy Thomas, Head of Global Maritime Awareness Programme at the US Coastguard's National Office of Global Maritime Situational Awareness; Richard Smith, Head of Force Information Management at British Transport Police; and Paul Burke, Managing Director of Middle East Security.

Visitors to Counter Terror Arabia include personnel from the intelligence services, armed forces, police and law enforcement, protectors of critical national infrastructure, central/regional and local government representatives, private sector companies, systems integrators, and personnel from the building and facilities protection, airports and ports, emergency response, border control, customs and immigration, transport security, training and consultancy sectors.

Organized by Clarion Events Middle East, Counter Terror Arabia is an extension of the successful London and Washington D.C. editions.


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