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Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

Correlating gov security solutions with analytics tools

Zeevi Bregman
Video analytics capabilities are being deployed alongside IP video surveillance systems by government organisations around the world to detect threats, ensure safety and security, and assist with investigations. However, better surveillance outcome will be achieved if analytical tools are used to correlate and connect the dots, said Zeevi Bregman, CEO & President, NICE Global.

“The way that the public sector and government municipalities address safety issues is by adding too many sensors around the place but the largest challenge is how do you connect the dots, how do you create the logic behind these sensors?” he told FutureGov Asia Pacific Magazine.
To ensure security, Bregman said the government should enable capturing, analysis and correlation of data from multiple sensors and systems, including audio, video, radio, geo-location and web, providing a framework for fusing data silos into a single, holistic operational view.

For instance, some analytics tools will be able to detect whether a person is moving suspiciously, while another might be able to detect whether a static object has gone missing. When the system combines alerts from the two, it would realise that maybe some suspicious person has stolen something.
Similarly, if the government receives alerts about three incidents, namingly street obstruction, excessive noise and garbage on the street - with the analytical tools connecting the dots, the government will realise that the root cause of the probelm turns out to be an illegal hawker. With correct identification of the problem, the government will be able to focus its resources to address the issue, instead of sending three teams from different departments to investigate, which is not optimal.

Earlier this year, NICE implemented video security solution in Tianjin Metro in China with video analytics to provide unified surveillance of the railway, its tracks, stations and passengers.

The solution will deliver real-time alerts directly to the metro’s security personnel on incidents such as unauthorised entry. This will enable them to detect and verify incidents early.

It will likewise enable the metro’s security personnel to keep track of the number of people at multiple entries and exits. This trend analysis capability provides business insight that can be used to enhance commuter service levels.


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