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Senin, 15 Agustus 2011

Communications Ministry signs contract for E-Government Portal

at Communication Ministry
The Ministry of Communications and Technology on Sunday signed a contract with a consortium of companies for developing, establishing and running the e-government portal system in Syria.

The project will be carried out during one year in addition to two years of running the portal, with the portal providing a number of services, the information available on all government websites and various interaction methods such as polls and forums, with these services being available via internet and mobile phones.

The consortium of companies includes the Austria's Gentex and the local Computer and Communications Consultation Company.
In a statement to SANA, Minister of Communications and Technology Imad al-Sabouni said that the portal is one of the key elements of the e-government project, as the portal allows people to access all e-government services at once, with a set number of services being available at launch with more added as they are ready.

He added that the contract includes technical execution of the portal in addition to running it for a set period to verify its readiness, noting that the presence of a Syrian company in the consortium aims to involve the Syrian business sector in this project and have local companies play a role in it.


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