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Kamis, 20 Oktober 2011

Collaborative production of e-Gov services

ePractice is organising a workshop in Brussels on October 27th, focussing on collaborative e-government services: "The notion of collaborative production of eGovernment services refers to the modernisation of the way governments engage and work together with their citizens in developing policies and how these citizens are empowered to harness the opportunities that new technologies have to offer.

The European eGovernment Action Plan, 2011-2015, recognises the significance of this collaboration and stresses the importance of finding the most suitable tools and their best applications.

" The morning session will discuss the achieved benefits and public value created through the joint production of services by public administrations and citizens. The second session, in the afternoon, of the workshop will discuss the interim findings of the study launched by DG INFSO H2.

The study addresses key questions such as:

  • What is collaborative e-government and to what policy areas is it applied? 
  • How are Europe and its Member states positioned? 
  • Does it have a substantial positive impact on the quality of services, while maintaining for universality and accountability?
  • What are the drivers and the barriers?
  • What policy actions should Europe promote, and with which targets?

 In addition this session will complement the discussion by presenting real-life experiences of collaborative e-government from all over Europe. Furthermore, it will discuss potential policy recommendations for the European Commission, as well as for all stakeholders. The discussion will directly feed into the final report of the study. See the provisional program for the afternoon session.


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