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Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011

HK Receives Certification for Data Centre Services

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) has been awarded the International Organisation for Standardisation/International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) 20000 certification for the data centre services provided by its Central Computer Centre (CCC). The first international recognition for information technology (IT) service management awarded to the Hong Kong SAR Government.

The CCC provides major IT infrastructural services to all Government departments to support communication between the government and the public.

It is responsible for information dissemination that is made available through Government websites such as the GovHK one-stop portal, and also the delivery of e-government services.
ISO/IEC 20000 is an international standard for IT service management. It sets out a comprehensive framework covering various areas of the management process including continuity and availability of service, information security, service configuration, incident handling, and business relationships to ensure the delivery of stable, reliable and high-quality IT services.

“The CCC has achieved the accreditation with no non-conformity. It is a recognition of the high quality management of the government’s data centre services,” said Stephen Mak, the Government Chief Information Officer of Hong Kong

He added that the OGCIO would play an exemplar role in encouraging local IT industry players to pursue international accreditation, thereby uplifting the competency and service quality of the local industry.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency, Dr Michael Lam said that the ISO/IEC 20000 certification shows that the data centre services of the OGCIO have attained the international level

“It is a proof of the commitment of the Office to keep striving for professionalism and good management in its services,” he said.


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