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Senin, 25 Juli 2011

'Corruption Bane of Public Administration'

Corruption has eaten into the public administration system in Nigeria, making accountability of public funds difficult, Prof Ibrahim Omale the Dean, Faculty of Administration of Nasarawa State University has said.

Prof Omale who was speaking at a press briefing on a forthcoming event to mark 50 years of public administration in Nigeria organized jointly by the Nasarawa State University and University of Abuja said the incursion of the military changed the field which was formerly organized.
He said there is now a problem of poor budgeting and implementation in the system where public administrators incur costs not earlier planned for.

Prof Omale said, "Today you have a situation where 100 per cent of public funds go into private pockets for job not done at all."

He also said the international conference would discuss issues like professionalization of public administration, public private partnership, e-governance and updating of tools for public administration in Nigeria.

60 public administrators have been invited for the conference in Abuja on Monday and organizations like EFCC, ICPC, NAFDAC, NDLEA and CBN have been invited to share their experience.

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