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Kamis, 22 Desember 2011


Pham Kim Son, General Director,
Department of 
IT, Danang City.

Da Nang, a city of nearly a million residents in central Vietnam, has embarked on a comprehensive modernisation programme that will see it become Vietnam’s first “e-city” by 2020, according to Pham Kim Son, Director of the Danang Department of Information and Communications.Under a decision made in mid-December, Da Nang city government has resolved to become Vietnam’s first “e-city”, in which ICT will be applied to all major areas of governance including health-care, citizen services and transportation. 
According to Vietnam’s Potential Competitiveness Index - Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s overall survey of economic governance among the country’s 63 provinces - Da Nang Province has ranked among the top five since 2008, and is therefore seen as a key base from which to propel the country into a more competitive stratum. 

According to the official report, the e-city programme will “be implemented in two phases with six main tasks, including an e-city model and an overall legal frame for such tasks, IT application models among enterprises and the community, and IT infrastructure improvement among others.” 

The first phase, the report says, will be undertaken from 2012 to 2015, in which the focus will be on IT infrastructure and human resource development. The second phase, lasting from 2015 to 2020, will concentrate on connecting government agencies together, with the aim to spearhead the economy using IT. 

The city has been involved in rapid modernisation this year, with critical infrastructure pertaining to modern e-government models, resource management and allocation, and environmental friendliness already in the works. The city also plans to be one of the “Eco2 Cities”, which conform to sustainability and efficiency standards suggested by the World Bank.


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