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Jumat, 11 November 2011


Mobile Payment
Once the draft policy on mobile platform is approved, Bangaloreans will soon find themselves paying for their utility bills and availing of selected citizen services through their mobile devices.According to M N Vidyashankar, Karnataka IT, BT, Science and Technology and e-Governance Secretary, the draft policy is ready and would soon be studied and finalised by the core group on e-governance.  
“Whatever services you are today getting through (state-run) Bangalore One (B1), we will be able to launch these services on mobile platform”, Vidyashankar said in an official statement. B1 is a G2C (Government to Citizens) and G2B (Government to Business) one-stop services and information portal that aims to provide the citizens of Karnataka relevant information on Government departments, and agencies of Central, State, and Local Governments.

“Lakhs of residents pay their bills such as water, electricity and telephone and avail various services at 79 B1 centres in the city every day,” he said. “Once the core group comprising of industry and Government experts, chaired by the Director of International Institute of Information Technology and Prof S Sadagopan, clears the policy after fine-tuning it, it would be taken to the State Cabinet for approval.”


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