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Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

RIM finally sets up BlackBerry server in Mumbai

Research In Motion (RIM) has finally set up a server in Mumbai, acceding to requests by Indian government to access data on its BlackBerry enterprise servers, says report. Citing a presentation made at the office of the Home Secretary, the Times of India reported Monday that the BlackBerry servers were inspected by a team of officers and permission to directly access the data for lawful interception was expected to be issued shortly.

The presentation also noted that the Department of Telecom has ordered Finnish phonemaker Nokia to set up a similar server in the country. In the past, RIM had been reluctant to allow India to monitor its enterprise servers. In 2010, the government even warned that it will ban BlackBerry service in the country if RIM does not loosen up on its security.

However, the threat was not carried out as the Canadian phonemaker presented various proposals to allow the government to monitor its users' communications, among one of the suggestions was to install a server in India.

The Times of India report noted that licensing conditions in India dictated that service providers need to have a mechanism to allow security agencies to intercept any conversation or message of any subscribers when required. India had been pressing RIM to do so as security agencies had pointed out that such closed platforms could be used by terrorist groups.


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