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Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

South Korea to Fund $100M to Vietnam’s Data Center

The government of South Korea will provide an official development aid worth $100 million for Vietnam to build a data center at Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park, aiming to help improve the latter’s IT infrastructure in the future. Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communication announced that it will kick off the project on building the Government Information Data Center (GIDC) costing total $117.327 million within this year. The Vietnamese government will contribute $17.327 million in reciprocal capital, the An Ninh Thu Do newspaper reported
In the first quarter, the ministry will open a bid to choose a designing consultant for the project. GIDC, expected to cover 20,000 square meters at the Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park in Hanoi’s outlying district of Thach That, will provide servers and network infrastructure for the data preservation of government agencies and localities.
It is capable of integrating and managing information infrastructure to boost IT application at state-run agencies, part of the country’s efforts to modernize the state administration on the way to deploy an e-government system.

When demand for data storage increases in the future, Vietnam is likely to build two other data centers like GIDC in the central and southern regions, the ministry added. Developing e-government is among key tasks that Vietnam will focus on in the next decade to become a stronger IT country. (An Ninh Thu Do – Capital Security Feb 17 p2) 


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