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Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Jordan govt to set up firm to finish national broadband grid

Jordan's government said that it will establish a company to complete the National Broadband Network project, The Jordan Times reported online. The new firm will be owned by the government, by telecoms operators and by ISPs. Minister of Information and Communications Technology Bassem Roussan said that the ministry will complete the required legal measures and refer them to the Cabinet for final approval next week in order to go ahead with the creation of the firm
Roussan said work on the project halted in 2008 when Jordan was hit hard by the global financial crisis. He said the completion of the project is a must as many e-government services, e-curricula for schools and telemedicine providers rely on the network.

Roussan said that the scheme will be finished in a maximum of three years. Residents of rural areas will then have access to the internet at schools connected to the network. According to the ICT ministry, about 35 percent of the project has been completed to date at a total cost of USD 36 million.

Roussan said that another company will be set up to promote e-government services and look into other e-services needed by citizens. This firm will be 51 percent-owned by the government with private sector companies owning the rest.


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