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Selasa, 06 Desember 2011


A group of small Singapore IT companies is banding together to improve their chances of getting a slice of India’s lucrative public sector IT market, with an initial focus on state government.The SEGC is founded and spearheaded by the Singapore Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) and consists of Singapore’s infocomm local enterprises and leading infocomm multi-national corporations (MNCs). The consortium’s goal is to extend the reach of local companies into overseas markets by bringing in leading-edge products and services. Anchored by CrimsonLogic, the consortium consists of member companies like Ditium, Elixir Technology, V3 Teletech and Imfinity.

They are not exactly household names in the world of IT, but the companies in question - particularly CrimsonLogic - have been involved in a number of significant government IT projects in Singapore, which is not a bad business reference to have. Although small, Singapore generally scores highly for the sophistication of its public sector IT infrastructure. 

According to a CrimsonLogic executive the consortium was committed to working with state and central government in India: “India is making great strides in building up IT infrastructure so as to improve the lives of its citizens, and to increase the profitability of its businesses.” 

Working in tandem and with the support of the SEGC, CrimsonLogic will pursue long-term partnerships with federal, state and local governments organisation in India to deliver transparent, innovative and efficient services to their citizens – crucial in achieving greater cohesiveness within any nation.

At present, CrimsonLogic’s presence in India includes a software development centre in Bangalore. The company has successfully implemented a host of services such as Uttaranchal Citizen Data Vault, Port Community System in India and e-stamping for the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Delhi.

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