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Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Serbia - Strengthening Capacity of Public Administration through European Training Programmes

Director of the European Integration Office Milica Delevic said today that the project "Speak European – a programme of professional development for EU accession" contributed to strengthening the capacity of public administration in Serbia toward the EU. Delevic said that all countries wishing to join the EU have gone through public administration reform, adding that this project is significant because of the introduction of European standards in national legislation, modernisation of public administration and strengthening of its capacity. 
She noted that implementation of this project, which is worth €2.5 million, was initiated by the Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration, funded by the EU and implemented by the British Council. Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Vincent Degert underlined that all EU programmes are open for Serbia and its citizens. 

Degert noted that the goal of the “Speak European” project is to develop human resources in public administration and convey EU messages. During the past two years, the “Speak European” project enabled professional development and training in EU countries for over 200 civil servants and more than 50 representatives of organisations of the civil society, the media, professional associations, the academic community and primary and secondary school teachers. 

Upon their return to Serbia, all participants have an important role in conveying the acquired knowledge to their institutions and the broader public, which is an important contribution to a better understanding of how the EU functions, about the advantages of EU membership and the spread of European values. 

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