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Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

Russia's Government Rethought Its Plans For Internet In 2011-2012

Russia's government has released a new edition of the state run program "The Information Society" regarding the use of the Internet in years 2011-2012. As Kommersant newspaper reports, the new edition differs from its previous version by the shift of Russia's official interest in the web space. Instead of the e-government, "The Information Society" strongly stresses the need of finding solutions for problems of the Russian society which uses modern technologies. 
One of the priorities of the new edition of the program "The Information Society" is the low quality of Internet connectivity in Russian households. As a goal, this new edition sets "the compensation of aging of telecommunication infrastructure", wich means that there might be new requirements in 2012 for telecommunications industry and Internet providing companies. 

The often discussed and vaunted e-government supported by the President Medvedev still has its place in the program, although sharply reduced practically to "filling out forms" to receive a public service. 

Sadly enough, the "universal digital map", the "electronic voting system" and web cameras in each precinct as recently promised by Vladimir Putin are not mentioned in the program. 


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