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Senin, 28 November 2011

Cyber security threats are evolving

Hackers group Lulzsec has intensified its action against cyber security and has even teamed up with group Anonymous to counter foreign government efforts to track them down. LulzSec announced its decision to team up with Anonymous via its Twitter and website: "To increase efforts, we are now teaming up with the Anonymous collective and all affiliated battleships."- KoreaITTimes
THREATS TO CYBER SECURITY are evolving and businesses need to learn from attacks by Lulzsec and Anonymous, speakers said at a cyber security panel discussion today. At a Westminister Eforum, Defence Select Committee member Julian Brazier told the audience that "very few people understand the sheer scale and spectrum of the threat we face". Andy Dancer, CTO at Trend Micro explained that the nature of cyber threats is changing, and cyber attacks are targeting individuals, rather than an entire company at once.
He said, "Previously threats went out to the targets [attackers] could see. Now its point of entry and then focus on machines on the inside, impersonate the user if I can't get access to their machine. It's not an outbreak that hits all machines one at a time, it's an individual that slowly takes over.

" He added, "From the point of entry to compromise, it happens very quickly. It's very difficult to keep up with patching because you can't apply patches quickly enough. It often takes weeks for patches to be applied but just hours to compromise a system." Mike Hawkes, chair of the Mobile Data Association said that companies need to learn from attacks by hacktivists such as Anonymous and Luzsec.

He said, "We are going to be invaded and we need to be prepared to be invaded across all devices." He added that the next big attack "comes through data", pointing to the fact that entire networks have been down because of issues. Hawkes said, "If your only solution is to take down your network them you aren't doing things in the right way."

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