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Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011


Korea released its SMART Education strategy in September 2011, a route meant to take the country away from traditional teaching and learning methods with plans to digitise textbooks, build a cloud network, and retrain teachers.To provide this “intelligent and customised teaching and learning”, SMART Education has three directions:
  • Reform the education system with digital textbooks, online classes and assessments and a build system that will allow easy access to educational content. 

  • Strengthening teachers’ competencies in delivering SMART Education with training courses, smart devices and a new human resource direction. 

  • Improve school infrastructure for the cloud platform, then build standard platforms for the SMART Education cloud. 

To promote the development and use of digital education content, copyright laws and systems will be revised and a new national educational content and copyright management system will be built. A culture of “giving and sharing for teachers and students” will be created through the Creative Commons License and Korea will also run “preventive and rehabilitation programmes for internet addicts” to resolve the “adverse effects of informatisation”. By 2013, Korea expects to have built the cloud computing environment in 30 per cent of all schools, with the rest completed by 2015.


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