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Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011


The government of Uttar Pradesh, a northern state in India, has launched an online payment portal in a bid to make public transactions paperless. State Infrastructure and Industrial Development Commissioner V N Garg launched the portal, called Nivesh Mitra, which has a user-friendly interface with online payment facility and other unique features for facilitating quicker processing of matters relating to entrepreneurs and investors.

The e-payment portal accessible at www.udyogbandhu.org also assists entrepreneurs for getting clearances from 12 government departments. With the project, the entrepreneurs can avail of the facility of online payments, which is being offered in association with Punjab National Bank.

Nivesh Mitra is currently functional in 18 districts and is expected to go live in the whole state in the future. Stressing the importance of e-governance, Garg said it could only be made successful on the premise of good governance and has the ability to reduce transaction cost in terms of money and time.

Industrial development department special secretary and Udyog Bandhu joint executive director Anamika Singh gave a detailed demonstration to show the unique functionalities of the web portal. Meanwhile, Garg asked industry bodies to use the web portal and spread awareness amongst general public. He also urged the government departments and district magistrates to take active part in making this initiative effective.


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