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Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011


Information Kerala Mission
The Indian government is furthering its drive to streamline public services delivery by providing more e-payment facilities to local self-government bodies. The Information Kerala Mission (IKM), the flagship e-governance project of the Government of Kerala, is poised to introduce e-payment facilities to several municipalities and villages in the county including Kasargod and Manjeswaram.
M. Shamsuddin, Executive Chairman and Director of IKM said Kasargod will be the first municipality to enable tax payers to pay land and property tax online. “More local bodies will be added to the list as and when they complete the entry of data, which will be saved at the Kerala State Data Centre,” Shamsuddin said.

The data entered by operators will be subjected to two layers of authentication – one by the authorities of the local body concerned and the other by the quality assurance team from IKM. The e-payment facility is driven by the software, Sanjaya, developed by IKM. Shamsuddin said the government will address the shortage of manpower at IKM in rolling out its various initiatives. “At present, a technical assistant from IKM attends to as many as seven panchayats (a governance system in village). This means that they have to go to another panchayat even as they are attending to the affairs of some other panchayat,” he said.


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