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Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

HK social security system undergoes USD46.5mil upgrade

The Social Welfare Department recently tendered a HK$362 million (about US$46.5 million) contract to build the Computerised Social Security System II (CSSS II) and improve department operations and services, in line with the recently released e-government strategy. Aiming to improve business agility, enhance service collaboration and operational efficiency, enable effective monitoring of service quality, and provide better customer-centric social security services through multiple channels, CSSS II will replace the existing system that has been used since 2000.

Through the new system, department staff will be better equipped with information of cases and less dependent on paper documents to enable more efficient processing and much enhanced service to the public. Online self-services will be available to enhance customer communication and deliver convenient and timely service to customers. The contract was awarded to PCCW Solutions, to be responsible for the supply, delivery and installation of hardware and software, implementation, operations, and the provision of full scale maintenance services for CSSS II for 10 years.


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