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Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

Four out of ten Germans uses e-government services - study

The number of German internet users using e-government services amounts to 40 percent, which is much lower than in Sweden (69%), Austria (68%) and the UK (48%), according to the eGovernment Monitor 2011 study by TNS Infratest for Initiative D21 and ipima, a cooperation between TU Munich and An-Institut fortiss. The study found that the majority (80%) of Germans using the e-government service are satisfied with the service.

Other findings include that Germans are not visiting or using other online services of which Facebook pages of cities (33%) or the online petitions of the German federal parliament (30%) are the best known compared with 17 percent knowing about participation platforms Looking to actual use of the latter, only 34 percent of the people knowing about the platforms have actually used it.


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