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Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

Ernst and Young organises e-government training

As part of its Executive Management Development Programme (EMDP), Ernst and Young recently conducted an E-Government Training Programme for senior Omani government executives. In addition to E-government, the training held at the Muscat Intercontinental Hotel also touched upon topics such as cloud computing, climate change, trends in the oil and gas industry and other subjects.

According to Sridhar Sridharan, Office Managing Partner, Ernst and Young, Muscat: "We are delighted to contribute to the E-Oman Vision through which citizens will have the knowledge, means and tools to interact digitally, access the Internet and use E-services efficiently and safely anywhere and anytime across the Sultanate.
"As an organisation whose strongest asset is our people, we understand that the professional development of skilled and technically competent Omani professionals is a top priority for the Government of Oman. We are happy to contribute to the government in this regard.

" Ernst and Young's Executive Management Development Programme is a year-long training programme designed to develop future leaders in the Omani government. It was launched earlier in the year to celebrate Oman's 40th National Day celebrations.

The programme leverages Ernst and Young's global knowledge and experience to train and develop senior Omani government executives. Senior executives nominated by several ministries and companies owned by the government of Oman will attend at least 10 training modules throughout the year.

Ernst and Young has so far held six training courses for Oman government executives. These include sessions on cloud computing and trends in technology, the global financial crisis, change management, oil and gas, private public partnerships and E-government. Three more training courses will be held before the end of 2011.

Oman's E-government initiative vision is expected to help reduce costs, promote economic development, enhance transparency and accountability, improve services delivery, public administration and facilitate an E-society. E-government is expected to add jobs to the Omani economy and increase Internet literacy among the population to over 60 per cent. The government will be able to achieve higher level of core business continuity through the provision of three times the number of E-services than at present.

An estimated 30 new companies will be incubated to participate in E-government initiatives. "E-Oman embraces the strategy of transforming Oman by empowering its people and will open up thousands of job opportunities for nationals in the IT sector. We are proud of the fact that we are involved in various phases of Oman's development today through our Executive Management Development Programme. We will continue to bring the best global knowledge and practices to Oman," added Sridhar.


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