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Kamis, 29 September 2011

Estonia will help Greece to build up e-state

Juhan Parts and Pantelis Tzortsakis. Tallinn, 26.09.2011.
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Estonian economy minister Juhan Parts discussed possibilities of reducing corruption and bureaucracy in Greece with the help of Estonian information and communications technology (ITC) with Greek administrative reform and e-government deputy minister Pantelis Tzortsakis on Monday, the ministry said.

Parts said that when building up e-state, it is important to observe every state’s peculiarities and create solutions in line with needs.

“It is not reasonable to start inventing a bicycle but share universal solutions with each other. Many solutions that are only talked about in the rest of the world are in everyday use in Estonia,” said Parts.

Tzortsakis said that Greece uses several modern solutions but many systems are built upon old principles which is why administering them is costly. He pointed out eID and X-tee as solutions that Greece would be interested to adopt.

On September 9, Estonia and Greece signed a memorandum of reciprocal help that focuses on the cooperation of the two states to reduce corruption and bureaucracy in the ICT sphere.


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