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Selasa, 13 September 2011

EIDA begins online ID services

dubib.com : The Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA)

The Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) will launch a new suite of e-services this month, which will include online registration forms for the Population Register and ID Card services. EIDA expects the services to be ready by the end of September 2011 and has been testing the service since the beginning of Ramadan.

The online forms will also contain a list of the most important terms and conditions related to the registration procedures.


EIDA will also launch an instant tracking service, which will allow e-services users to check the status of their ID applications on the EIDA website from the moment the e-form is submitted to the printing and delivery of the ID cards.

EIDA will also be setting up a new call centre with an interactive voice response (IVR) facility for customer queries.

Customers can choose to follow up on the status of their application by calling the toll free number 600 530003, all previous call centre enquiry numbers have now been cancelled.

EIDA will also be distributing brochures explaining the registration procedures and fees acrossauthorised typing centres and other relevant locations in the UAE.


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