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Senin, 22 Agustus 2011

India's post offices to get e-connected

Minister for Communications and
Information Technology: Kapil Sibal
An ambitious modernisation programme for India’s Department of Posts is underway. As part of the India Post Technology Project, the Central government will provide internet connectivity to all post offices in the country by the year 2012-13. The focus is on extending the reach of Information and Communication Technology to post offices in rural areas.

“All the Departmental Post Offices (DPO) and Branch Post Offices (BPO) in the country would be provided with network connectivity by 2012-13 under the India Post Technology Project 2012,” Minister for Communications and Information Technology Kapil Sibal said. Sibal added that 22,360 DPOs in the country have been provided computers, while 1308 DPOs have been provided with wide area network (WAN) connections and 10,530 DPOs have been provided with broadband facilities. Funds to the tune of Rs.1877.2 crore is to be spent on the upgradation project. Rural post offices will be provided with ICT devices with applications for conducting different services. Provision has been made for training, change management, capacity building of the employees of the department along with project management activities for smooth and timely implementation of the project.


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