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Jumat, 19 Agustus 2011

IBM expands partner network in Azerbaijan

IBM is expanding a partner network in Azerbaijan, bringing to market a wide range of new products and services that are in demand in Azerbaijan, IBM Sales Director in the CIS Sergei Tabulin said in an interview with the Azerbaijani magazine InfoCity.

Tabulin said Azerbaijan is developing dynamically; that high-tech solutions are in demand throughout the country, as evidenced in the banking sector. Banks are now actively engaged in the creation of reserve data processing centers, their importance underscored by the travesty that occurred in Japan. A similar demand was observed in the oil and gas industry, where IBM is seen as the solution maker.

Active steps are being taken in Azerbaijan and in the construction of "E-government", which can only be welcomed, he said.

As for the latest projects undertaken by IBM in the Azerbaijani market, Tabulin noted the project implemented on the software-hardware platform of IBM for the "cloud computing" technology at the Information Technology Institute of the Azerbaijani National Academy of Sciences.

"A growing number of customers are installing the virtualization of computing resources, which serves as a preparatory stage for the subsequent transition to cloud computing", he added.

Tabulin said IBM wants to ensure its position in Azerbaijan not only as an equipment manufacturer. The company seeks to show that all services and products which are in demand and represented globally, are also presented in this country.

"CIS countries have a good chance of a technological breakthrough, as the cost of the technology is gradually lowering, whereas the existing data-processing infrastructure was built up over decades in other countries. So there is a real opportunity to create a fairly developed modern infrastructure using small investments", he said.


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