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Senin, 25 Juli 2011

Greek eGovernment Interoperability Framework

The Greek e-gif has been regulated in the Greek Legal system with the article 27 of the Law 3731/2008. The Hellenic Ministry of Interior, Decentralization and E-government is responsible for the maintenance of Greek E-Gif in co-operation with the public agencies in Greece. The Greek e-gif also provides several the xml schemas, core components, codelists according to the UN/CEFACT/CCTS, in order to describe the documents and the data that the Greek public administration exchanges. The Greek e-Government Interoperability Framework (Greek e-GIF) consists of the following main documents:
  • The Certification Framework for Public Administration web sites and portals, which specifies the directions and standards which must be followed during the development of public web sites for the Greek Public Administration
  • The Interoperability and Electronic Services Provisioning Framework, which defines the main principles and the general strategy to be followed by the public agencies when developing e-government Information Systems
  • The Digital Authentication Framework, which sets the standards, the procedures and the technologies required for the registration, identification and authentication of the users (Citizens / Enterprises)
  • The Documentation Model for Public Administration Processes and Data, which describes the notation, the rules and the specifications for the documentation of processes, documents and electronic data exchange.

The results of the Greek E-Gif regarding e-services, responsilbilities, processes, documents, data, xml schemas, core components, codelists etc, are stored in the interoperability registry hosted by the Public Administration National Portal "Ermis" http://www.ermis.gov.gr/portal/page/portal/ermis/.

Aims and objectives

Adopt and maintain standards, specifications and rules for the development and deployment of web-based front and back-office systems for the Greek Public Administration
Accelerate the development of electronic collaboration of public agencies, for the delivery of high quality and secure one-stop eGovernment services to businesses, citizens and other public bodies

The Greek Interoperability Framework is in conformance with the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) and applies best practices from relevant international standardisation


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