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Selasa, 26 Juli 2011

Galaxy promotes Nigeria’s e-government plans

Galaxy Backbone will connect more of Nigeria's government departments
Galaxy Backbone, the organization that ensures connectivity to federal government’s ministries, agencies and other institutions, is making plans to extend further connectivity to the other institutions in Nigeria.

This development is part of the federal government’s desire to enhance the capacity of the public sector in order to deliver government programmes using information communication technology (ICT).

Galaxy Backbone has extended broadband services to Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) within the Abuja metropolis through its metro-wide fibre optic network.
The build-out of Galaxy Backbone metro-wide fibre optic network, covering over 350 km of the Federal Capital Territory, has ensured that all arms of the federal government with over 150 MDAs including the Presidency and the National Assembly through broadband.

Martin Ahachi, Galaxy Backbone CTO says over the years the company has developed its technical and operational capacity to deliver on its mission.

Ahachi states that Galaxy Backbone has an extensive and integrated ICT infrastructure platform that combines very small aperture terminal (VSAT), radio and fibre to ensure availability of multiple redundancies for its customers.

“The deployment of fibre optic cable to major MDAs has enhanced the quality of services deliver to our customers,” says Ahachi.
“We are also providing other value-added services such as video phones to more than 50 MDAs on a unified numbering, tele-presence, video conferencing and virtual private network,” Ahachi added.

Yusuf Kazaure, Galaxy Backbone Group Head for Customer Operations and Services says the company’s commitment to investment decisions and technology choices will guarantee its long-term viability, relevance and competitive advantage.

Kazaure says Galaxy will continue to deliver such benefits as cost savings through the economies of scale and prevention of the duplication of government’s investments in ICT.


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