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Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

ChinaSoft International Won the Bid for Government Procurement Management and Trading System Project by Ministry of Finance PRC

ChinaSoft International Ltd. (HKSE: 354, "ChinaSoft" or "the Group") announced today the successful win of the bid for a Government Procurement Management System project by the People's Republic of China's Ministry of Finance (MOF). Being one of the largest domestic comprehensive providers of software and information technology services, ChinaSoft has been a prime provider of total application system intergradations participating in many e-government project developments.
ChinaSoft has achieved outstanding results in projects like China's Golden Auditing project, Golden Quarantine Supervision project, Golden Social Insurance project, Golden Agriculture Informatization project, Golden Macro Economy Analysis project and Golden IC card project, a series of nation-wide projects sponsored by the China central government, currently leading the vertical field of e-government development in China. This successful bid marks ChinaSoft International's breakthrough in the direction of governmental informatization.

The Government Procurement Management and Trading system project is another large e-government project ChinaSoft has participated in. ChinaSoft will undertake construction of the core content which includes one standardization system, two business process platforms, four basic databases, and eight subsystems. Successful implementation of this project will increase the speed of information construction on government procurement, enabling it to integrate the departmental budget and state treasury's centralized payment information, as well as establishing a standardized system for government procurement management and implementing management refinement of government procurement, providing comprehensive technical support and guaranteed perfection of government procurement's supervision mechanism.

ChinaSoft International and its predecessors have over 15 years of experience providing services for various government industries and have accumulated vast experience in project implementation. These include audit, social security, agriculture, finance, quality control, drug administration, civil aviation, meteorology and SASAC (State-owned Asset Supervision and Administration Commission).
ChinaSoft has proprietary intellectual property rights middleware platform product, "Resource one" (R1), and many excellent reusable industry solutions. This provides flexible and fast implementation in the deployment and interconnecting of information systems between the government and different levels of large vertical industry. According to IDC's market research reports, ChinaSoft has been one of top three government industry solutions providers for four years in a row.

By undertaking the government procurement management and trading system project for the MOF, ChinaSoft will further enhance business capacity, technology development efficiency, system integration capability and large project deliverability during future e-government project construction, which further promotes ChinaSoft's participation within the core IT area of the state finance sector. The service experience gained by ChinaSoft on the government procurement management and trading system for the MOF will help the company expand business into other industries' procurement informatization markets.


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