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Jumat, 15 Juli 2011

Bangladesh starts National Population Register Project

The Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) will undertake a pilot project to study the feasibility of creating the national database- the National Population Register.
The government believes a central database with basic information on all citizens will make it easier for people to avail themselves of government services.
A number of citizen databases including the national voter list have already been prepared. But citizens still have to produce the same basic information already stored on those databases every time they seek any government services, requiring a lot of paperwork and time to process the applications for government services.
According to the BBS, the project will be launched on an experimental basis to assess the obstacles to creating the database.

The BBS will conduct the project in association with the Election Commission and the Access-to-information programme at the Prime Minister’s Office.
The National Population Register will contain all basic individual information including name, birth date, parents’ names, address and photograph necessary to apply for government services. It will also include Biometrics data such as fingerprints and retina information.

The register will also be connected to the database of voter identity card.

The unique number in the voter identity card will be used as an identification number for citizens, which could be used to collect individual information from the database. None will have to fill in application forms to apply for any services, as government agencies will be able to collect the necessary information from the central database.


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