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Rabu, 08 Juni 2011

Government launches official Cyber Security Strategy

The government is to launch a Cyber Security Strategy, Communications and IT minister Steven Joyce announced today. A statement from Joyce’s office notes: “Criminal elements are increasingly using the internet to gain access to personal information, steal business’ intellectual property, undermine critical services and gain knowledge of sensitive government-held information for financial or other malicious purposes.

New Zealand’s Cyber Security Strategy is the Government’s plan to improve New Zealand’s cyber security response.

The Strategy brings forward targeted initiatives aimed at improving the cyber security of individuals, businesses and government.

“New Zealand’s Cyber Security Strategy is the government’s strategic response to the growing cyber threat. It brings forward targeted initiatives aimed at improving cyber security for individuals, businesses, critical national infrastructure and government.
The statement continues: “The Government will work in partnership with critical national infrastructure providers and other businesses to help them address evolving cyber threats.

“The Government will also establish a National Cyber Security Centre to help protect government agencies from sophisticated cyber attacks.”

New Zealand’s Cyber Security Strategy has three priority areas:

Increasing Awareness and Online Security – The Government is partnering with industry and non-government organisations to improve access to cyber security information, raise awareness and address other cyber security awareness issues.

Protecting Government Systems and Information – The Government is establishing a National Cyber Security Centre and implementing steps to improve cyber security practices across government.
Incident Response and Planning – The Government is reviewing how it responds to, and plans for, cyber incidents.

Implementation of key initiatives will begin in 2011.

med.govt.nz | computerworld.co.nz

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