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Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

Galaxy empowers 600 civil servants on e-government

Over 600 public servants across various cadres in Federal Government MDAs have been empowered with the latest knowledge on e-government by Galaxy Backbone Plc as part of its commitment to workforce empowerment for the public sector.

The assertion was made in Lagos at a public awareness forum on the importance of the World IPV6 Day.

According to Frank Ugbodaga, Head, Federal Public Sector, Galaxy Backbone, “The capacity building gaps in the public service are really huge.

However, Galaxy said it was determined to make significant impact by building capacity in order to improve the adoption and usage of ICTs for government business.

For three years running, we have been training the technical resource for government information technology that would make the technology available within the different ministries, departments and agencies to support the Federal Government’s transformation of MDAs”.

Galaxy Backbone capacity building programmes cover various areas of interest and knowledge such as e-government, network management, active directory & MS exchange, IT fundamentals; massaging and collaboration(email), document sharing, secure communication, support fundamentals, etc.

The actualisation of Federal Government’s efforts to transform governance through the delivery of professional, timely and cost effective services to the citizenry will depend on the commitment of the federal civil service to adopt information and communication technology as a tool in office management and productivity.

Prof. Oladapo Afolabi, the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation had, at a seminar on strategies for e-governance penetration in the civil service, reiterated the need for a holistic adoption of best practice in information and communication technology as a tool in office management and productivity by the federal public service.

He then urged: “civil servants service-wide to begin to use your newly created official e-mail addresses by Galaxy Backbone and you must imbibe the habit of on-line learning, otherwise called e-learning, in order to build a virile workforce with less cost and less stress.”


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