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Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

Deputy minister: Azerbaijan determines concrete steps for transition to e-government

In accordance with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev's order on some measures in the field of provision of e-services by government agencies, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan starts the analysis of the current situation to develop specific measures in this regard within three months, Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology Iltimas Mammadov said.

Mammadov said the Presidential order determines the specific directions for the transition to e-government and use of e-services in the territory of the Republic.
The order tasks the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies to accelerate the interaction with other government agencies.

"The transition to e-government does not mean the transition of only one ministry or department. Each department must prepare a related infrastructure for the introduction of e-services to further ensure their connection to a single e-government portal. "This, in turn, will create for them the possibility of mutual use and exchange of existing information," said Mammadov.
Concerning preparedness of ministries and departments of Azerbaijan to introduce e-services, Mammadov said it is at different levels in different departments.

"There are certain structures where the use of e-services is at a very high level. This is the Ministry of Taxes, State Customs Committee. The e-services are used at the Ministry of Education to a certain degree. But there is a structure where the work in this direction only begins. Therefore, the Presidential order will improve the process of informatization and level of preparedness of those departments where e-services are not yet applied, as well as further enhance the level of informatization of those departments where the infrastructure for e-service delivery is at a high level," said Mammadov.

Funds will be allocated for this that will create the necessary conditions for transition to e-government and using a single portal of e-services, Mammadov said.


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