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Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

Australia invests $12M on a flood alert project

Australia floods-
The project, to be called Floodzoom, is a web-based tool that simulates the behaviour of floodwaters - technology that is expected to be critical in helping emergency services tackle floods.

Floodzoom will predict the spread of floodwaters and their impact on local communities by analysing weather maps, satellite imagery, topography, stream flows and other factors.

It will also be able to calculate flow rates for floodwaters - vital information for timing an evacuation - and allow access to individuals wanting to assess potential risk to homes and properties.

According to Water Minister Peter Walsh, Floodzoom would improve the effectiveness of community warnings and response and recovery.

”It will give emergency services a more accurate prediction of flood behaviour and help individual landholders assess their own flood risk,” Walsh said.

More than $12 million out of the $19.3 million flood program will be spent on Floodzoom. The system will also include up-to-date information on roads, water channels, drains and other landmarks affecting the movement and rise of floodwaters.

Major studies of the future risk of flooding in up to 25 at-risk Victorian communities will be also be undertaken as part of the $19.3 million flood-response package - in addition to the studies already announced for Charlton, Creswick and Clunes.


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